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Bitcoin Billionaire Review

Bitcoin Billionaire

Believe it or not, the price of bitcoin has gone a long way from being less than a dollar from when it was first established in 2009 up to a staggering $7,000 to date. But economic experts say that this is still bound to rise because the current number of bitcoins that are yet to be mined are getting less. Like real gold, the bitcoin’s value is affected by its scarcity. Once its supplies are gone, the prices are estimated to rise up to over $50,000 per coin. The reason why even famous personalities and celebrities are investing in this market.

The high level of convertibility of the bitcoin to real-life assets is also another thing that can’t be overlooked. Since crypto trading has been making its way to the mainstream market, bitcoins are easily accepted by major companies as payments for their products and services like CheapAir to book flights. Microsoft also accepts bitcoins for their Xbox Store since 2014. This makes the bitcoin a cheaper and faster approach to payments compared to conventional online banking.

However, trading with bitcoin can never be as easy as you think. There are plenty of terms that you will have to know first. Strategies also vary depending on the market that you are trading. Other people have to spend many years just to be called an experienced trader. Even if you have already accumulated a good amount of experience, there is still no certainty that you will always be successful. Bitcoin trading works just like the real world forex and stock exchange. However, due to the nature of the bitcoin market, technical analysis needs to be done more precisely. The bitcoin market never sleeps, meaning that monitoring it needs double effort.

Due to this, even the veteran traders resort to finding a trading partner. By this “trading partner”, basically they are the so-called “ trading bots”. Trading bots are types of software that can do all the work of a human trader, but quicker and more accurate. It is also worth noting that trading bots can work day and night, letting it’s the user the option to trade even when they are asleep. A trading partner that allows you to monitor your bitcoins for you in times that you need to attend to certain matters or when you’re not available to check the market yourself.

This sudden surge of attention made the rise of numerous trading bots in the market. However, there are only a few that I can say is worth trying. One of these trading bots that is the Bitcoin Billionaire. I tested the Bitcoin Billionaire myself and it seems like other Bitcoin Billionaire reviews have the same results as mine.

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Bitcoin Billionaire: Why Is It Trusted By Many

Bitcoin Billionaire: Why Is It Trusted By Many

The Bitcoin Billionaire is an automated trading bot that is recently going prevalent with rookie and veteran bitcoin traders alike. This bot boasts an impressive 88% winning rate, which is one of the highest among its peers. This trading bot also claims to be 0.01 second ahead of the market, allowing it to take action for the upcoming trend of the market. This makes the Bitcoin Billionaire one of the most reliable trading bots in the market.

The Bitcoin Billionaire software uses a set of coded algorithms that are based on real strategies used by expert traders. This software is specifically designed so that it can do all of the market analysis and price tracking automatically. This makes it one of the most reliable trading bots in the market. It can also be said that this software is your way to the chest of a huge fortune.

Some Noteworthy Features of the Bitcoin Billionaire

Like other popular trading bots, the Bitcoin Billionaire also has a number of breakthrough features.

  • Price Predictions

The way that the software is made allows the Bitcoin Billionaire to predict the future trends of the current market. The software uses past market history and current standings and performs calculations to anticipate the upcoming market prices. This enables it to act on your investment before a market crash ever happens, assuring profit even when the impending fluctuation happens. Traders can take advantage of this feature and be able to exploit whatever way the market will swing.

  • Fully Automated

The Bitcoin Billionaire is designed so that all of its actions can be set to auto. Anything from finding profitable trades and technical analysis up to when to halt trading, anything can be done solely by the software itself. A trader can simply leave it auto-mode when he is out or sleeping at night. Although the Bitcoin Billionaire has an auto-mode, you can still use it manually. You can also predesignate some preferences like the amount of money to trade, stops on losses and even when to stop trading.

  •  High Trading Win Rate

Thanks to the Bitcoin Billionaire’s coding and algorithm, it’s software boasts a huge 88% winning rate in trading. Other traders that tried using the software claims to earn up to $1500 per trading session. This result is high when compared to other trading bots in the market, but this may be due to the fact that they did invest a high amount upon testing the Bitcoin Billionaire software. Another factor could be those are already pro traders that are already experienced in crypto trading.

  • Free to Use

Unlike other trading bots, the Bitcoin Billionaire does not require for monthly subscriptions. You can immediately start trading as soon as an account is created. The software is free and you won’t need to pay for it although you will have to deposit an initial amount of $250 but that is your capital and not actually a payment. You can even withdraw that initial $250 when you already earned using the Bitcoin Billionaire software. The bot may also charge you a few percentages of your earnings but that will be the funds for maintenance of the software and website.

  • Easy Withdrawal

Withdrawing your money with the Bitcoin Billionaire is pretty simple and quick. The process is very simple and your funds are reflected in your bank account in less than 24 hours. You will only be required to fill up a withdrawal slip. They will ask for other information and I.D. but that is for verification purposes.

  • Excellent Customer Service

As far as other crypto trading services, the Bitcoin Billionaire has one of the most friendly customer services. Inquiries and issues are resolved in less than 48 hours. You can also contact them through their website or through phone calls. They even have a live chat available.

  • Highly Trusted and Plenty of Positive Reviews

In checking for legit trading bots in the market, one of the best ways is to look for other reviews. Bitcoin Billionaire has already been tested by plenty of traders and reviewers. The majority of these reviews are positive. Almost all claims to have earned money by using this software. You may also stumble upon other Bitcoin Billionaire fraud reviews but for me, I think those are just marketing strategies by other competitors in the market. There are also reported celebrities that is use the Bitcoin Billionaire for trading. You can try the software yourself as there is a Demo Mode available.

  • Regulated Brokers

A feature that makes the Bitcoin Billionaire one of the most secure trading bots in the market is its regulated brokers. All of the brokers that process your transactions are licensed and regulated.

  • Highly Secure Website

This is another notable feature. The Bitcoin Billionaire website is SSL secured, meaning that their users are less susceptible to identity theft and hacking that is very prominent in the online trading world. You can trade worry-free for your investment with the Bitcoin Billionaire.

Create an Account Now and Start Trading with the Bitcoin Billionaire

Steps in creating Bitcoin Billionaire account

Trading with the Bitcoin Billionaire is very simple and hassle-free. Follow these steps to create your own account and start trading immediately.

  • Create an Account

Go to their website and fill up the form provided on the right side of the page. Information includes the name, email address and phone number. You will also be making your own password. My tip is to try to create a strong password that includes numbers and uppercase letters to ensure that your password is strong for extra security.

  • Deposit Your Initial Capital

After creating an account you will be redirected to a window that requires you to deposit $250. Take note that this is not a payment rather will be your first capital. Don’t worry as other reviews already certified that their software can be trusted as well as their brokers. There are plenty of flexible ways to deposit your initial capital. They accept the following payment methods such as VISA and MasterCard. They also accept other cryptocurrencies.

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  • Demo Mode

While waiting for the verification of your deposit, you can first try their Demo Mode. This feature allows you to grasp what is happening in the real market. All data that are shown in the trade window are real-time but in the Demo Mode, you will not be at risk of losing money. Use this opportunity to learn all the roundabouts of the bitcoin market and help you decide if you want to continue investing all out in bitcoin trading.

  • Live Trading

After you receive a notification that your deposit is successful, you can now proceed to the actual trading. Live Trading is the real deal and you now have a risk of losing actual money. But don’t worry because the Bitcoin Billionaire has a built-in guide to new traders. Their brokers will also assist you in trading. Although the Bitcoin Billionaire software has a very high winning rate, my advice is to just stick to the minimum amount first. After earning money and learning the market, you can be bolder on your strategies.

Advantages of Using the Bitcoin Billionaire Trading Bot

Its features gave way to several advantages for its users such as:

  • High Profitability
  • Faster and Easier Transactions 
  • Safe and Trusted Software
  • Easy withdrawal process 
  • Free to use 
Bitcoin BIllionaire Advantages

Tips To Remember When Using the Bitcoin Billionaire

1. Don’t Be Greedy

The Bitcoin Billionaire’s high profitability rate may tempt you to invest large amounts. Remember that although this software has high accuracy, it is still not 100% correct in all of its decisions. Also, remember to trade at your own pace. Make a schedule on when to use the Bitcoin Billionaire software and when to trade manually.

2.  Learn Technical Analysis

Although the Bitcoin Billionaire can do the hectic technical analysis for you, you still have to know how to do it yourself. Trading requires heavy calculations and may seem to burden at first but having done this alongside your trading bot really gives you a boost in the market. It can also give you a look at another perspective and how the market really works. Remember that the Bitcoin Billionaire acts as your trading partner and not your replacement.

3. Read the News

Like real-life trading, the bitcoin market is also affected by the news and gossip from traders. Stay updated to the current trends in the market. This way you can adjust the Bitcoin Billionaire’s preferences so that you can optimize trading with it. However, be very critical when reading the news as some are just fake Infos that some traders spread so that they can easily manipulate new traders in the market. Try reading in trusted sites like NewsBTC.

4. Use Stop Losses

A stop-loss order is used to sell an asset when the desired price is reached. This is used by traders to minimize loss of money in case that a prediction is wrong. Using this does not only lessen your loss but also assures that whatever the market swing may fluctuate, your investment is controlled. Stop loss is perfect for long term position holding but is also perfect with short term trading when done with a trading bot.

5. Make Use of the Market’s Volatility

This is a trait of the bitcoin market that is either good or bad depending on how it is exploited. The market prices easily change in just a span of hours and the swings range from 5% to 10% depending on the time. Make use of the bitcoin market’s volatility using swing trading. Swing trading is done by selling an asset on the lowest point and then selling it immediately when it’s price rise up. This, however, may require discipline and diligence. Do this with your trading bot and it has a high potential of making profits in the long run.

Is The Bitcoin Billionaire Fraud or Authentic?

The Bitcoin Billionaire is tested and proven by many other traders and reviewers. Also, other big organizations like CNN and Forbes recognized this trading software. There are also several testimonials of people that claim to have great profit using the Bitcoin Billionaire software. Aside from this, several celebrities are reported to have used this software to invest in bitcoin trading. Other Bitcoin Billionaire reviews also claim the same profitability and security that the software promises. Another thing to consider is that this software does not have any hidden charges. It has fees for payouts but that is very little depending on how much you profit. The positive reviews and its features just greatly affirm how legitimate the Bitcoin Billionaire trading bot is.

Conclusion: Should You Be Trading with Bitcoin Billionaire?

If you ask me then I would answer YES. Whether you are new or experienced already in bitcoin trading, you might not believe in how highly profitable this trading bot is. It is true that regardless of how accurate a trading bot is, there are still risks of losing money no matter what. But this is caused primarily by lack of research and proper insight on the bitcoin market. Using the Bitcoin Billionaire can greatly increase your earning potential. The accuracy of this trading software makes this a very good trading partner as it can save you time by doing all the complex market analysis for you. Use these data that the Bitcoin Billionaire can provide you and formulate several trading strategies to fully take advantage of the high profit potential of the market. However, make sure that you would always stick to the amount that you can afford to lose as being too greedy may lead up to more loss of money rather than earning.


Is the Bitcoin Billionaire trustworthy?

Yes, it can be trusted but you can try their Demo if you really want to make sure yourself.

How much can I invest in the Bitcoin Billionaire?

Initially, the amount required will be $250 up to $15,000. That is your initial capital. You can also withdraw your initial capital anytime you want to.

How much can I earn daily?

There are claims of people that say they are able to earn up to $1,500 or more. But remember that they may have invested large sums in order to earn as high as that.

What are the common risks in bitcoin trading?

There are still many risks in bitcoin trading no matter how secure your trading bot is. Common examples are cases of accounts being hacked by other people but this is due to a person’s carelessness. However, the Bitcoin Billionaire has verification systems to assure that any deposits are truly done by the respective owner of the account.

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